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    just received the Grant Green collection for band in a box from Django in a Box ...22 Green songs...Cool blues . Greens Greenery..Miss Annes Tempo etc..another awesome job from Stelios Panos...he did the Wes files etc...Green collection bundled with the Wes collection...
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    I'm pretty new to BIAB. Do you just copy the Django files into "Styles" or "Songs" (or somewhere else) and then they're ready to play?

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    There are songs with solos...ready to play.

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    theyre midi files..grant green and django... let me check...Nope ..Theyre band in a box songs ...MGU format

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    I guess I still don't understand what to do with them. Do I drop them into the styles folder or a song location or somewhere and then will be able to open and play? I read the readme folder included w/Django but it's still not clear. All he says to do is put the styles folder in /bb where BIAB is installed. Then where do the HWR files go? How can I use them? All I've ever done with BIAB is type in some chords and play over them. I didn't want to read a whole manual if importing these files to play is really simple. Thanks for your patience.

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    I DODNT HAVE THE HWR VERSION... ISNt THAT THE REAL original recording playing..should really help to play the solos..YES you add a style...i use REAL TRACKS..think HWR will be bottom of mixer..mute as required

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    So I just copy all the files he sent into the bb styles folder? I guess I'm not communicating too well. I know what these things are but not where to put them.

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    FILE..1 song at a time....OPEN folder where they are...once in add a style..the Box above PLAY...looks like styles already added .. midi ones....i use real tracks more authentic and real sounding...

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    i see he HIT SONG maybe has them in a song folder..i click FILE open folder where i have them..

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    ok thanks a bunch. I'm starting to get it. Man am I going to have a ball with this!

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    you WILL..i have the WES,,GREEN.. files...awesome me if you need any help

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    I got the Wes/Grant files from Stelios a couple weeks ago. I've used BIAB for years, but not very adventurously. Stelios was extremely patient in guiding me through the process of pulling up the actual recordings in BIAB to learn the transcriptions. So far, it's been great. I'll probably buy more files from Stelios in the future. Highly recommended.

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    That video helps a LOT. I'm downloading to watch every day for awhile.

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    wonder who Stelios will transcribe next..