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    Band in the box Pricing

    So I decided that BIAB would be a nice addition. In the past I tried to construct backing tracks fro scratch in Reaper. Do-able but a lot more work then I want to do. So I went online and Noticed that Amazon had the Mega pack for $199.99 But PE music wanted $269.00 for the same item. Amazon would be ok but I wanted Digital Download and Amazon was only offering a Disc. So after spending a half an hour with PE customer support they allowed me to buy it for $199.99 So it pays to do some investigating before buying.

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    Nice, it never hurts to ask. I recently called a vendor to ask about a used item they had on ebay for half the price of a new one. Turns out they had already sold it, so they substituted a new one for the same price for me.

    Just curious, why were you so adamant about getting the dd over the disc?
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    Two reasons. I wanted it NOW! but more importantly, my DVD drive has become less than reliable and although I know I need to replace it, this was the first time that I saw (from Amazon) that Digital Download was not an option.

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