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    Notation Software -- Linux ??

    What are you Linux-users writing with?
    "Don't worry about that. Everybody talks about finding your voice. Do your homework and your voice will find you." - Branford Marsalis

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    Impro-Visor. It's about all I know of, although I really haven't done much investigation.

  3. If you're familiar with LaTeX, you might find LilyPond interesting: LilyPond – Music notation for everyone: LilyPond... music notation for everyone

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    I'm a Linux user and make Soundslice, which is web based notation software (tab and standard notation). It's really good, if I may say. Give it a shot: Soundslice notation editor and tab editor


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    I've used Noteflight with a chromebook which is a Linux based system.

    Noteflight - LinuxMusicians

    Music Notation Software for Linux: a Progress Report, Part 2 | Linux Journal

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sam Sherry View Post
    What are you Linux-users writing with?

    Musescore3 appimage 64bit open source
    runs fine on puppy linux a bit laggier than say Win7 64

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    I have seen videos in which people use Guitar Pro 5 and Guitar Pro 6 ( I think they are up to six). Again, I am not sure but GP 6 costs around 80.00 bucks but you can still get the older Guitar Pro 5 for around 50.00 at Musician's Friend.

    I was planning on researching this to see if it is the best option. I would use it to tab my licks and songs, and maybe play songs created by others on the different websites. I don't need all the other stuff it has.

    Just a thought.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlsoRan View Post
    I have seen videos in which people use Guitar Pro 5 and Guitar Pro 6 ( I think they are up to six).
    They're at GP version 7 now.

    Before you buy that, I'd suggest checking out the free Soundslice tab editor. It can also import Guitar Pro files.


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