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    Quote Originally Posted by jads57 View Post
    A Tool that's just an update for a metronome.
    I have been carefully reading the responses, especially from those how have been around and accordingly, have a wider perspective. They have been helpful.

    But jads57, your comment caught my eye. Please tell me you are joking.

    A metronome does not have a choice of chords, and various drum patterns. I have found that choosing different real drums influences me in different ways. Some choices have more fills, which makes me respond with an nice little flourish in my solo.

    And as I find myself writing songs (pitiful though they may be to some ), depending on the choices I make for the backing tracking, I find that I comp differently to complement the rhythm.

    Yes it is more than an updated metronome, IMHO. And now that I am aware of a few caveats, I am making sure that I don't fall into any of the traps that have been mentioned.

    Peace be with you, amigo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jads57 View Post
    A Tool that's just an update for a metronome.
    I just can't be nuanced here, so here it goes: what a preposterous and ignorant statement... *sigh*

    Have you ever even been in the same room with a musical instrument, let alone play one?

    You kids get off my lawn!!!
    Pepe aka Lt. Kojak
    Milano, Italy
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    I kinda of skipped that part. Went from the metronome and CD jamming to playing alone and then just looping myself. It always felt kind of artificial to me. Great tool though, I love ireal for the practicality, transposing, etc. Still think jamming with CDs is a better habit.

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