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    I have been struggling with Sonar Platinum on Windows for a few years. It appears that 99.9 percent of all other guitarists who use a DAW are using Logic Pro on Apple. I'm jealous, because it's probably a much better platform.

    However, is anyone else using Sonar Platinum?

    Another disadvantage to Sonar is that there are not many how-to videos on YouTube. Sony had some training videos from a third-party that weren't much more than showing the ten thousand menus, menu selections, and configuration settings, but not actually showing you how to use Sonar to do something simple, then building on that knowledge. Also, the training videos assumed you were working in a production studio and wanted to record multiple instruments and singers, which I don't.

    The user interface for Sonar Platinum is quite complicated - and I don't have a lot of time to spend learning all the bells and whistles it offers.

    Plus, I'm using a Roland Quad Capture - which I'm reasonably familiar with - but getting Sonar and the QuadCapture to work together adds another layer of complexity. And learning curve. And time.

    Plus I have a MIDI keyboard that I would like to use but that's another source of complexity that I haven't even begun to explore yet.

    Here's a question for anyone:

    I have found that putting a Shure SM57 microphone in front of my Raezers Edge Stealth 10 speaker (powered by an Acoustic Image Clarus 2R Series III head) gives me the best sound into the Roland + Sonar setup.

    Mainly because when I plug straight into the Roland Quad Capture, I lose the 'acoustic' jazz guitar sound from my D'Angelico New Yorker NY17M.

    Does this make sense? Is there a better way to do this?

    All I really want to do is to put a 'rhythm track' on one track on Sonar (either me playing a simple chord progression, or an .mp3 rhythm track from TrueFire or Rich Severson), then me playing on a separate track, which I can then delete or save for historical interest.

    Just thinking that I can take a live guitar lesson via Skype from my home in Australia to someone in New York. I should be able to do a personal "Sonar Platinum" learning session with someone via Skype.

    Does anyone do this?


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    joaopaz Guest
    For the purpose you mentioned you could simply go with a program like Audacity. It's free, has.a basic interface and yet there's an awful lot you can do with it... you don't really need a full DAW if you simply want to record yourself playing over a BT.

    As for Sonar, sorry can't help... using Ardour under Linux I'm even farther away from mainstrem 😁

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    Good point.

    Why am I even using Sonar?

    I originally thought I wanted to 'compose' original work, with multiple tracks, including electronic instruments (piano, drums). All of which Sonar can do. Hence the MIDI keyboard in the closet.

    If I could find some simple video training online, that would be great.

    There's a ton of video training on DAWs on YouTube, but it's almost all about Logic Pro or other Apple DAWs. Not Windows stuff.

    It's obvious that creative people use Apple devices - not Windows.

    But I've always said that if Apple ever fixes the UI on iTunes for Windows, I'll go out and buy an Apple.

    I do have an iPhone. But that doesn't count.

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    joaopaz Guest
    Check Berklee's MOOC at .... called The Technology of Music Production. Beats any YT video, is very comprehensive and aimed at any DAW. I could apply all the concepts to my Linux DAW easilly! Personally, I think it's the best possible starting point you can find online!
    ...and it's free.

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    Just had a look at it. Looks like a good option. Tried to sign up but Coursera wouldn't take my Australian VISA card ...


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    joaopaz Guest
    You just need the card if you want to receive a diploma in the end... I think! These courses usually have always a free option, the full course, just without the diploma.

    It will run several times a year, too.

    This particular course is fantastic!

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    There's a usenet (google) group that's still active.

    I have an older version of Sonar here. It's been a while since I have done any recording. It works well with my Motu Ultralight AVB unit, on Win 10.


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    This prompted me to check the version I have. It's Sonar X3. I was running the X3a and saw that they were now up to an X3e patch update, that was released earlier this year. Just installed the patch.

    Did you get the Quad Capture working? I am not familiar with that particular interface. Did it come with a good ASIO interface? With a good interface you can control your mic gains from the DAW software. However, with some of the lower end interfaces do not support that and you have to do manually at the audio interface.

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    No probs with the Quad Capture. It seems to be well-regarded. Has a good ASIO interface. I tried using Audacity too at one point. And "Total Recorder". Both work fine.

    I think my problem is that Sonar Platinum is kind of like Adobe PhotoShop, in that it will do thousands of things, and do them all well. But it does have a highly complex user interface. It takes a high degree of commitment - and time - to learn how to use it well. I'm a bit time poor. And disorganised.

    I'm happy to learn how to use it, it's just that there are no video training courses that are specifically targeted at recent versions of Sonar Platinum and people like me who just want to use it to do one fairly simple thing.

    Apparently Gibson have bought Sonar, so perhaps they'll provide the kind of tutorial content I'm looking for.


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    When it comes to learning the basics, I would not hesitate to use the ones on the cakewalk site that were done for X3 Sonar. Although it's been a while since I have looked I think they were well done and perhaps that's why we do not see amateur videos on You Tube for the product.

    A friend of mine is running Cakewalk Producer and when it comes to basic stuff and appearance we really do not see any difference between those versions. She runs it on a dedicated DAW windows computer.

    My friend does use a lot of the features as she runs a small studio where she has clients that expect her to do pitch and timing corrections.

    I also seem to recall the Quick start guide and manual were well done.

    My big problem is that I do not use it enough and I seem to be relearning every time I use it.

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    With recording I find I quickly get overwhelmed with the huge number of files produced, drive space used and the associated file housekeeping.

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    Ive been using Sonar for years (started w/Sonar 4) and although the latest version does have a ton of bells and whistles, you can actually streamline the GUI so that it only shows windows that u need. It can b quite cluttered even on a large monitor but it can be slimmed down somewhat so u dont have to rifle thru screens and menus to get to where u want to be

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    We've resurrected an 18-month old thread; but I'm also using Sonar Platinum. Most recently, this software has been assumed/consumed by Bandlab.

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    i used sonar for a good while, but finally bailed a couple of years ago because i hated the post 8.5 versions and they weren't recognizing my plugins. tried studio one and haven't looked back. it just makes more sense to me. not sure what will happen in the post gibson era, but i hope it works out for you guys. my brother had been all in on sonar for at least a decade. hope you all aren't left out in the cold.