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    man.....I better do more research.....this was a good thread....I'm looking at personus Autobox usb......seems simple enough...maybe not as simple as I though......I have the older zoom.....not happy with my solo guitar recording through my amp.....too much room noise for a slow quiet playing style.....I better check the ram requirements before 100 bucks....very inexpensive.....with software......Like OP , I'll be fumbling my way through.....


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    They don't understand their speakers how they color sound. Combine that with not check their mix on other speakers or environments. One brand and series of popular speakers hype the bass which is why so many like them for listening, but for mixing they don't factor that in. You really need to understand the sound and colorization your gear gives your recordings. If you only have one set of speakers then go to a friends and listen, make friends with audio department at a store so they will let you listen a mix on some speakers.

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