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    Hi, Gang.

    I am not sure which forum this question should go in, so I'll put it here.

    I recently developed a problem with BIAB on my laptop. Whenever I start up or try to play a song, I get an error to the effect that "the midi output driver is already in use." This happens even when I start up. I've gone to the extent of uninstalling and reinstalling BIAB. Now I don't even have the Roland SC midi drivers to work with.

    I've tried to get technical support on the pgmusic site, but have had no response there.

    Has anyone else had this type of problem?
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    Hmm i think i had the same exact problem. I remember seeing that up there. Only problem is that i forgot how i solved it. i do know that i reinstalled BIAB but i think i had fixed it before. Try going to the Yahoo Band in a Box group. They help with alot of different problems.
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    Thanks. The tech support folks did come back with a response. It turns out that there is a FAQ item addressing this precise issue that I somehow missed. I Haven't had a chance yet to try the fix, but I'll let you all know how it works out when I do.
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    If it works out, you might want to post the solution here for others who come across this thread in the future.

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    This error is probably due to the fact that there is another application that is using your soundcard. Soundcards can only run one application at a time. Is there anything running in the background?

    - Dirk

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    I did finally hear from the PGMusic support folks. They pointed me to a couple of relevant items on their FAQ page; specifically items #80 and #145. Neither item helped to fix the fundamental problem but they did suggest some work-arounds that got me past the problem so that the system finally worked, but did not address the fundamental problem. I still get the error message even after verifying that no other background application is using a sound card.

    As a computer engineer, I understand how difficult it can be to maintain a piece of software that has to work under virtually all situations. After Microsoft, with all their vast resources, still have significant problems with their software. On the other hand, I am less than comfortable with software that gives me cryptic or misleading error messages. If any reps for PGMusic visit this board, I hope they pass this information on to someone who can do something to 1) make this less of a problem, or 2) make it easier to diagnose. BIAB is a good package and I hope it survives, but there other packages that make recognize an excellent marketing opportunity. FLStudio comes to mind.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fingerpicker View Post
    BIAB is a good package and I hope it survives, but there other packages that make recognize an excellent marketing opportunity. FLStudio comes to mind.
    Sorry to hear you are having issues still. Sounds like a soundcard incompatibility or driver issue.

    I've been an FL Studio user since forever. It is a fantastic package, but nothing at all like BIAB. They are completely different animals for completely different purposes.

    I love 'em both.

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    You're right, Pete, they are different packages that were designed for different purposes, but over time, they both have grown into new areas of functionality which are now beginning to overlap in response to market forces. As an example, they both produce midi, they both have methods for composing and arranging music (albeit different approaches), etc. Other producers are in the same business of providing musicians with the tools they need to do what they do.

    My point was that a simple flaw can throw a good company with a good product onto the trash heap of history. I say this without rancor. I've seen it happen over and over.
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    We are in agreement.

    Good luck.

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    Hi Guys,

    Usually the problem are a bad soundcards and soundcard drivers. The generic soundcard (or even Creative soundcards) that comes with your computer is ok for the occasional Windows bleep or playing mp3s and videos, but not for making music.

    Band in a Box works with most of those low end soundcards, but sometimes problems like yours arrise due to bad drivers.

    Those that want to make music with their pc, especially when using software packages like Cubase and Protools, need to:
    • Buy the right equipment: fast pc with right components (not all brands work well in combination with music), good soundcard (Terratec, Motu, M-audio, ...)
    • Tweak the PC (turn off services, virus scanners, firewalls, internet connection, ...) to turn your computer into a DAW
    - Dirk