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    I found a ribbon mic I'd like to begin my first recording venture...a passive model, the MJE-LR44, made by Michael Joly


    I've got a Focusrite 2i4 on the way, that I'd intended on using as a USB interface. But someone suggested it wouldn't have enough gain, and instead to acquire a stand alone preamp.

    Soooooo, is there a stand alone preamp I can buy that has a USB interface. OR, can I acquire a preamp with a digital output that I can run into my audio DAC, in my home audio system, which I can then run into my MAC?

    Would this preamp work for uploading recordings directly from the preamp, into my home audio DAC, and then into my MAC?


    If not, what do I need to interface with a preamp to upload to the digital domain (computer)?

    Any suggestions are welcomed. Thanks in advance!
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    Recording Magazine.com has a good collection of articles on recording - good luck with it!


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    Go Apogee!

    I have used their symphony system for ten years and I have a Duet 2 that is incredible.

    The duett or its siblings comes in many sizes and I they are all good.

    Good luck!


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    +1 for apogee! I just purchased the new One for iPad/Mac and it is perfect for my needs which is recording homework assignments for my Berklee Jazz course

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    You should be able to plug your ribbon mic straight into the Focusrite ISA One.

    From a review on the ISA One:

    "A dual gain structure with a maximum of 60 dB of input (perfect for ribbons and dynamic mics)"

    Review found here: http://www.recordingmag.com/productr...009/05/30.html

    If not they make this sort of thing: http://tritonaudio.com/index.php?sec...d=17&Itemid=33

    However, I think it will work fine.

    Thing is, what does the input to your DAC look like? You'll have a line out or mic level (not sure which, or both) out from your ISA One. Don't know if it's a consumer line level or pro line level or in between and don't know what will make your DAC happy. So, checking those levels would be a good idea. Also looks like the ISA One has a digital output.. will one of these go straight into your MAC? (note: it's never straightforward. Getting Firewire working for digital recording was a much bigger pain than you would ever imagine.. had to have a card with the right chipset. No kidding.)

    Also, are you going to use Reaper? It's available on MAC, is used by several forum members here (easy answers), and is overall a great DAW.
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    It is hard to beat Apogee. I have owned the Quartet and the MiniMe and have recirded extensively with both.
    Apogee Pres are incredibly clean and uncolored.

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    Heck I used a Focusrite Scarlett Solo for awhile, I'm not sure why you wouldn't be happy with a 2i4. I'm using a 18i8 now, but mostly for the extra mic inputs needed for classical guitar.

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    Try out your Scarlett first , to see what you think about it. Depending on what you're doing, most are going to be perfectly satisfied with its preamps.

    Honestly don't understand purchasing that product if you're not gonna use the preamp. That's kind of the point.

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    5 years later, who really cares?