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    Some amazing, previously unreleased, footage of Tony Williams' Lifetime just surfaced on YouTube within the last few days. This is historic stuff. The roughly 10-minute video is, as far as I know, the only video we have of Tony Williams between 1967 and 1971, and in addition, perhaps just the second video of Larry Young to emerge. Is this also the earliest film of John McLaughlin?

    Though the video says they are playing 'A Famous Blues', a McLaughlin tune on 'Turn It Over', here's a break down:

    The initial vamp in 7, held down by Bruce and McLaughlin as Young solos, suggest the beginning of McLaughlin’s 'Trilogy', later recorded by the Mahavishnu Orchestra³.
    At 1:11, when Williams enters, the song is 'Smiles and Grins', written and sung by Bruce, with lyrics by Pete Brown?.
    At 2:39, they go into the 7/4 vamp of McLaughlin’s 'Devotion'. When Bruce’s vocals return, we get a quick re-cap of 'Smiles and Grins' before hearing an early version of….
    ….'The Dance of Maya', a classic Mahavishnu track, starting at 6:31.


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    Amazing indeed, and yes, I'd guess the earliest footage of John McLaughlin.

    I posted it over on the John McLaughlin thread a few days ago... John McLaughlin - This Is The Way I Do It - Your evaluation please... - Page 6 (

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    Devotion is one of my favorite tunes. I never imagined being able to see it performed when it was new...

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    Amazing !
    Thanks for sharing

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    Great to hear and see that. Jack Bruce was wasted in Cream!

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    Beat Club have posted more footage from the same session.