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    Speaking of great players and does it get any better, I decided to go back to Hank. Spent yesterday listening to and playing along with his classic recording of ATTYA.That tune has been done by so many players, yet I have never found an equal to Hank's pure clean sound and lines. It all came together and so going back was fun.

    To the question. I know after his crash the issues and his brother taking care of him. Seems possibly some conspiracy theory on those that did not like Hank. Just looking on the outside I see a potentially active brother who wanted to protect him but possibly did more harm than good. The shock treatments just blow my mind that this was allowed but I have nothing to go on. I bring this up because Hank did manage to get to age 74 but I wonder how much of him came back after the accident.

    The bottom line is that while we have many great players today the master of past could keep keep up with anyone. More great players but not necessariy players who play greater. Maybe the widsom on the forum can shed some iight. And who ever you might be if you have not listened to this recording do so, and if you have then let it play again.


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    Quote Originally Posted by deacon Mark
    Speaking of great players and does it get any better, I decided to go back to Hank.
    Jimmy Bruno endlessly admires Hank Garland.

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    Hank's playing has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on jazz guitar and continues to inspire musicians to this day.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and inviting the wisdom of the forum to shed light on these matters.

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    One of my favorite albums, Gary Burton too...

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    It has been well documented that there was a link between Hank and Wes Montgomery.

    I have always found it interesting that there are similarities in one or two of their recordings.

    For instance "West Coast Blues" and "3/4 The Blues". Wes first recorded "WCB" in 1959 and Hank first recorded "3/4..." in 1960.

    There is also a similarity of approach between Hank's "All the Things.." and Wes' "The Way You Look...".

    It is more likely that Wes influenced Hank but could it have been a two way street?


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    Those shock treatments were criminal. But were "science" at the time [huge rolling eyes emoticon here].

    The movie about Hank (produced by Steve Vai) was a good little flick, altho quite sad. No idea how close to the truth it stuck, but it was an entertaining story. I can totally see the "Nashville Mafia" (and union for that matter) back then not taking kindly to anyone wanting to do things their way (like actually get royalties for a song they helped write, or hire non-white musicians). It wouldn't surprise me one bit if they did have a hand in running him off the road that night, but we'll never know.

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    Amazing artist, album and story, one of my faves. Benson was a big fan as well, and you can hear a bit of those references from this tune in GB’s playing at times, even though he took it to another level. Always a lovely thing to hear that cross pollination taking place… like seeing someone’s face and hear their voice in their child’s.

    Garland’s story has other sad parallels… Peter Green was partially ruined by ECT, a trendy, “scientific” panacea at the time, also musically expired while still alive for several years.