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    Recently I had the pleasure the record some duets with the wonderful John Stowell
    I thought of sharing some of them with you here. Any thoughts on them is very welcome.
    I hope you will enjoy them and thank you for listening

    Below is Chapter 7 these duets. In this one John gave me the honour to perform one of my original tunes and he has been amazing (as always that is). The others have been already posted either on my youtube channel or the TrueFire Channel or on Jazz Guitar Today
    Enjoy and thank you for listening


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    Lovely conversation at a gently swinging waltz tempo. Delightful echoes of Hall and Evans Undercurrents in your composition. I’ll look/listen to the other chapters in this conversation.

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    Lucky you! John is otherworldly and one of the most under-rated guitar geniuses alive today.... absolutely brilliant and original!
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    totally agree

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    I love this,

    Seems a bit tight in that space ?? where is this??


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    Oliver's Jazz Bar in Greenwich (London, UK). We played a concert there the evening before and went in the day after to record these duets for fun, 8 tunes all first takes....playing with John is a very comfortable experience, such a great player and human being

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    8th and last instalment of my duets with John Stowell. Once again John gave me the pleasure to perform one of my original tunes.
    Enjoy and thank you for listening