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    Jazzkritter just sent me a message about an autographed Mortoro 7 string for sale. I don't understand why people think signing guitars is a good thing, but I was fascinated by the people who did. One of them was someone about whom I knew next to nothing - Joe Cinderella. So I looked him up and discovered yet another great player (and arranger, composer, educator etc) of whom most of us are unaware. He played 7 and 8 string guitars and had a really cool and sophisticated approach to harmony. Here's his obit from JazzTimes and here's his Blue Note bio.

    I can't find his 2002 album (Concepts) - even the big A doesn't have it. But there are a few tracks from it on YT. Here are four from the album -


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    Yes sir! Sure have heard of Joe Cinderella! He played in Gil Melle's Quartet in the fifties, absolutely love his playing. There's an unsung cat if ever there were one! From 1956 ..hip concept and tone. ... Love Gil Melle also, great composer and artist.

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    There was actually more than one Joe Cinderella teaching guitar in NJ back then. I studied with the "other one" when I was barely a teenager, and later found out, when I was a a teacher myself at a music store down the road.

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    There is an extended interview with him in Jim Carlton's book "Conversations With Great Jazz and Studio Guitarists.

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    I posted about him on the tuning in thirds thread. A friend of mine saw his quartet with sax. guitar, drums and bass, and he said it sounded like a full sax section. Here's the Koontz eight string guitar he played for sale:
    Sam Koontz Custom Made For Joe Cinderella 1980 Guitar For Sale

    It was the last guitar Sam Koontz made before he died.
    I knew an organist who was doing an organ trio with Joe on guitar in Jersey.
    He seemed obsessed with finding a way to make the guitar sound as full as a piano. He eventually gave up the guitar and played piano in Atlantic City a few years before his death.
    He played for Chris Connor with Vinnie Burke on Lush Life here:

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    Joe Cinderella did a few things with Gil Melle. You can find some on Amazon Music