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    Miles Davis album That’s What Happened 1982-5–The Bootleg Series.

    Some excellent stuff here, which I have only begun to explore. Of course tasty guitar work from Mike Stern and John Scofield, and sax from Bill Evans, as Miles was jamming with them and learning how to use his new sidemen.

    More info:

    Jazz Album Review: "That’s What Happened, 1982-1985" -- Miles Davis Makes up for Lost Time - The Arts Fuse

    Minor Ninths is particularly interesting. Fairly ambient and minimalist for Miles—on keys, with JJ Johnson on Trombone. (At first I thought Part 1 was Miles playing flugelhorn, but now I think it is JJ with a lot of reverb. Miles knows what he’s doing on keyboards though.)

    Anyway, give it a listen. It shows how Miles was still working hard and pushing ahead, even in his last productive years.


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    Thanks for the link.

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    I just started to listen to it when I read your post.
    Worth a listen for sure

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    TBH I don’t remember the original releases from the 80’s perfectly. I liked We Want Miles and Star People when they came out. With time, their reputation has waned, but I posted previously that on relistening We Want Miles is actually quite good.

    But this new release is off the charts great. Miles is SMOKING on the live cuts. Anyone who thinks Miles couldn’t play after 1975 or something should listen to this. And Stern is great as well. Some very tasty Stern solos…you can hear him searching for his lines…

    I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that all things considered this is the best single Miles release since 1975.