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    I have been looking like crazy for a double live contemporary album from either the late 70's or early 80's for a while now so I can hear the guitarist play his tail off once again.

    I remember the cover had a tan color with a big steamboat paddle wheel and I believe it was titled "Live at The Steamboat" but I could be wrong since I can't find that title for anyone but Stevie Ray Vaughan. It was an amazing live album and I wore my copy out!

    The name of the guitarist is hidden in my mind along with all the tons of other musicians and records I was listening to at that time. I was a senior in college back then and I was the guitarist in the Arkansas State University Jazz Band, "The Tribe". I was taking in all the different killer jazz players of all styles of course. The guy on this record played a fast, very technical, yet very melodic style that was a bit over my head at the time but I still remember the way it made me feel. Sort of like some of the guys who played on Steely Dan records or more closely, Boz Scaggs but it wasn't a Dan guitarist for sure.

    I mean I had just been introduced to Allan Holdsworth and I was deeply into Joe Pass and Larry Carlton at the time and this guy reminded me of Larry if he had been playing on Chuck Mangione's live album at the Hollywood Bowl but that wasn't it.

    I thought at first it featured Grant Geissman but apparently it did not since I searched his discography and didn't find it. I remember the guitar player's solos better than I do anything else about the album but unfortunately I do not remember his name.

    Any help would be very much appreciated. I just hope some of you remember this record. Thank you in advance!!!


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    Morning Leonizer,

    I've just spent some time looking through discogs.com at all jazz recordings released from 1975 to 1985 with 'Live' in the title. Nothing with 'steamboat' in the title or a steamboat image.

    The closest I can find to what you've described is 'CTI Summer Jazz at The Hollywood Bowl', with George Benson on guitar. Tan cover. I suppose from a distance the image might look like a paddlewheel!

    Need to find out late '70s or early '80s jazz album guitarist's identity.-r-1088377-1478574901-2461-jpeg-jpg

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    Try "Live at the Showboat".


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    The Phil Woods Six – Live From The Showboat (1977, Vinyl) - Discogs

    Harry Leahey was a local legend, great guitarist who taught many in the area.

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    You should be able to remember that it was the alto sax player's album, not the guitarist's, and that he played nothing like Larry Carlton.
    That was a strictly 'acoustic' oriented band that played straight ahead jazz for the most part, but one of Harry's tunes "Rain Danse" had a lot of incredible arpeggiation with the pick.

    One reason why you might not have been able to find it is because it was never released on CD in the US, although you might be able to find a Japanese CD of it. They seem to find a way to digitize everything, sooner or later.
    It's worth it for the burning version of "Cheek To Cheek" Phil Woods arranged. Harry, Phil and Mike burn on that thing.

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    This Phil Woods record also has Harry Leahey on it. I haven’t played it for a while, but as I recall Harry does a solo guitar version of Nuages on it.

    Need to find out late '70s or early '80s jazz album guitarist's identity.-6b524ffb-c2d2-428f-a06c-c279109dcfa5-jpegNeed to find out late '70s or early '80s jazz album guitarist's identity.-7887d3f1-7ea8-4ece-a57f-800395d4edf9-jpeg

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    Phil Woods - Live from the Showboat (1977) - YouTube

    Might as well post it since I looked it up