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    I saw Joe Diorio once and that was unplanned. Larry Koonse was performing a weekly show at a local Marriott Hotel. The wife and I were going most of the time. Well one time Larry invites Joe Diorio to sit in (they were both working for the USC musical department). Diorio lived close to the hotel (south Orange County CA USA).


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    I love Joe since I got my hands on my grandfather’s Eddie Harris records many years ago, and of course all his books. There are a few of Joe’s records that are near and dear to me: Rapport, Solo Guitar and 20th Century Impressions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob MacKillop
    With a very young John Stowell:

    Is that Tim Lerch playing with Stowell?

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    Yes, that’s a young Tim Lerch too, as mentioned earlier in this thread.

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    recent video of Joe...god bless him...

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    The playing at the beginning is the most beautifully humane playing I’ve heard for a long time. At first there was a little shock at seeing this once lion of the guitar struggling to play a few notes. But slowly I felt myself getting drawn in, and it was beautiful.

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    i agree Rob...hes struggling back like Martino did......dodnt waste your money on schools..get yourself 100 vinyl records....all in there...haha

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    did he use the word w...... haha .. i had to rewind to confirm...

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    "We're screwed Brother!" What a crackup. Love him. You can't keep a good man down... much less a great one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ccroft
    I think there's been one or two here that studied with him. I've posted about him once or twice, and seem to remember such a thing. Hopefully we'll hear from one of them.

    I studied with Joe years ago. He was quite a presence and needless to say had a lot to offer though he usually didn't make many musical comments quite so directly.

    He was a great bridge between different eras and approaches and very much someone who deeply appreciated players like Allan Holdsworth, Scott Henderson, Mike Stern, John McLaughlin, Pat Metheny and Frank Gambale (some of whom studied with him) as well as all the stylists leading up to Joe himself.

    Joe had so many very beautiful voicings outside of the stock ones so common to the guitar and broke a lot of ground there. We spoke about Allan Holdsworth and pianist Richie Beirach quite a bit in that context in particular.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gusgtr
    I know he did an album with Robben Ford years ago... Anyone hear that one?
    One of the few CD's I actually have two of! Inspiring...RF is insane on that recording!