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    Great video:


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Monk has been my biggest influence over the years. Also the jazz musician that I've listened the most to. My college friends and I would watch these live vids back in the day. He has great tunes, who wouldn't like them. I also like how he always honors the context of the tune even if he plays abstractly sometimes. I prefer this approach to just plain old out for the sake of out playing. I remember when I first started listening to jazz and would listen to jazz radio, I noticed something really interesting about his spiky melodies. I thought who was that?

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    A video I just stumbled on this week when researching Philly Joe Jones--this came out on CD a few years ago on Blue Note, but I missed it at the time.

    It's Monk in Paris in 1969 with Rouse and, for most of the show, Austin “Paris” Wright on drums and Nate Hygelund on bass. But at the end, on the tune "Nutty", Philly Joe comes out and takes the drums. Makes me wish Philly had done an album or recorded a whole live gig with Monk on a tour.