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    Same goes for Herbie Nichols, though he got a bit more play. Also did criticism for small jazz zines (he reviewed and GOT Monk early in the game). Died young of leukemia...

    Recently unearthed interview:

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    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    WKCR just played an entire album of John Hicks. Swinging stuff!

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    Current guy I don't think gets enough recognition:

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    Lafayette Gilchrist

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    Quote Originally Posted by sgcim
    WKCR just played an entire album of John Hicks. Swinging stuff!
    He was a great man. He came to a joint where a friend was playing. I was just hanging out, and the 3 of us were in the same space. My friend, being a smartass, sneeringly said to me 'You know who John Hicks is?' Hicks immediately picked up on the vibe and immediately turned to me and said 'My life is your life'. I was moved enough by this to attend his memorial, which was packed with admiring musicians; fans; friends and family. There was music--- Kenny Barron played We'll Be Together again. Very memorable day.

    Everyday people and uncommon musician...

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    Jessica Williams might be one of the greatest pianists you’ve likely never heard of. Strongly influenced by Monk, Coltrane, Miles and Sonny, she has a remarkable catalog of recordings.
    One of her recordings that blew me away is called Virtual Miles. It’s a MilesDavis tribute where she plays piano and also all other instruments via MIDI. If you can believe it, the drum programming is very Tony Williams-esque (especially on the tune Anthony Tilman Williams) and the horns really convincing in terms of phrasing, etc.
    Here she is on Piano Jazz.
    Jessica Williams On Piano Jazz : NPR

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    Sal Mosca, Vardan Ovsepian, Manuel Valera are a few who I really dig, too.

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    Don't know if Joanne Brackeen is off-radar but I have always enjoyed her records and overall musicality.

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    Trudy Pitts. Dunno if she recorded as pianist, but I heard her and it was wonderful...

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    Joel mentioned David Varielles.

    David Varielles as a teenager contributed to Howard Rees' Barry Harris Workshop (Vol 2).(2002)

    David played like a phenom with Jane Bunnett.

    Howard Rees is a tremendous piano player. I've heard Barry Harris refer to Howard as 'my son'.

    Other Canadian Harris Influenced Pianists:

    Lenny Binder
    Robert Rowe
    Liane Fainsinger
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    Quote Originally Posted by Christian Miller
    Honestly - Nina Simone
    I don't theenk so...
    Blossom Dearie had some hip voicings.

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    Craig Taborn
    D.D. Jackson
    Geri Allen