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    She warbled the theme to The Saint, sang with Springfield – and fed Hendrix shepherd’s pie. Yet outside the music industry, the late musician is still unknown – why?
    Jimi, Elton, Dusty … the overlooked musical magic of Barbara Moore | Music | The Guardian

    Interview when she was 80:

    A coupla tunes, takes me back to the sounds of movie & tv in the 60s. I really enjoy the arrangements and singing (may be too muzaky/poppy for some).

    Not credited, but article suggests it is Barbara Moore's voice:


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Excellent. Thank you.

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    Yeah, I’m a huge Bacharach fan and had not heard of her - better voice than Dusty Springfield. Dione was on a whole other plane by herself though

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    Her album "Vocal Shades and Tones" is legendary.

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