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    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    A few years ago here in Boston it was an auspicious night for live music. The Rolling Stones were playing Fenway Park, of course to a sold out crowd.
    In a smaller corner of the city in a small room overlooking the Charles River, Bill Frisell was playing a gig with his trio. The room was much smaller but he too had a room full of his fans; two different worlds, worlds apart...until Bill finished his last set.
    Sometime during the last number and encore, the room got very crowded and the electricity went WAY up. Something was happening.
    In the post concert greetings, an entourage wedged its way to the stage side, an old guy quietly raised his hand to Bill on the stage and the two of them stood for a moment in absolute awe of each other. It was Charlie Watts who, finishing his stadium show and exiting thousands of adoring fans had instructed his limo driver to immediately go to Scullers to see Bill Frisell.
    Charlie Watts was a jazz fan alright.

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    Little Rocks infamous groupie Connie Hamlin passed away last Saturday and was buried this week. Grand Funk Railroad spread her fame quite a bit with " We Are An American Band" Edward Van Halen was one of Connies favorites and I know they would fly her in to some shows outside Arkansas for party time. I went to Barton Coliseum a few years ago for a display about the many former Rock concerts that used to happen there and Connie was there signing quite a few autographs, mostly to female admirers. Connie thought of herself as a womens libber in that whats good for the goose is good for gander. And a lot of females agreed with her. I will leave my opinions of her out of this. To each her own I suppose. Connies day gig was a public school substitute teacher. I would see her around town at certain bars that served food and sometimes I would speak sometimes not. I caught her at a Stuart Hamm show many years ago . She once appeared on the Howard Stern Show. I will see if I can find it. Connie was 66 years old when she passed. RIP

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    Could not find HS show but heres her with Joan Rivers.

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    Sorry about earlier mis spelling I didnt know her very well.

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    “Them Chiquitas from Omaha…”

    Been here 11 years, still haven’t found them yet…

    Back OT have been listening to a fair amount of Stones recently, and it really does seem that Charlie brings a lot of the jazz feel to the classic Stones songs. Only when you have a solid rhythm section can you play sloppy like Keef and Mick Taylor or Ronnie Wood and make great music.

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    The last tour of the Stones that came to Minneapolis resulted in Charlie Watts turning up at The Dakota jazz club and sitting in on a song or two with the band- can't remember who at this point. But the Internet sez

    Stones drummer Charlie Watts plays at Dakota -

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    This guy is pretty cool for drum stuff IMHO.

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    Another remembrance of Watts' jazz side. I didn't realize Bill Frisell had recorded with Charlie. Or that Sco was on a Stones tribute project.

    Playing Jazz With Charlie Watts, On Nights Off From The Rolling Stones : NPR