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    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    I've not watched the video but surely will, Beato is great at this stuff and this will surely be a classic!

    Pat is such a genius but one I admire extra b/c of how hard to truly works at it. Like many I prefer his music where I can hear the guitar but he always pushes the boundaries at that is another admirable part of his career for sure!

    @BMV I was at that clinic in Denton too! Bruce Hall YO! What I remember most was Pat just plugging straight into a Roland JC-120 and putting a mic on a metronome and then completely sounding like Pat and just shredding (if I recall correctly, its been awhile) All The Things You Are...what a talent! Unreal chops and he surely laid down the gauntlet that day for new players to keep pushing him...again work ethic!

    @Fass always good to see you posting and glad you are still out there fighting the good fight!


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    Thanks much for posting, Lobomov!

    Great to hear a composer/player who can express his ideas so clearly and enthusiastically, and an interviewer who can draw him out so fully.

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    More shall be revealed…..

    Cory Wong conducts another great Pat interview in a Wong Notes recent podcast: