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    Can anyone recmmend artists that sing while playing chord-melody?

    Stuff like this:


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    John Pizzarelli is one who comes to mind.

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    gorgeous playing, such clarity in his tone! And cool how he altered the arrangement some when he began the vocal.
    I second the recommendation below about Jn Pizzarelli; if you haven't seen the 5 oclock somewhere show he's been doing solo for the year of the pandangitt, ck it out on YT or FB. He alternates between archtop and classical (all 7 string of course)

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    Marty Grocz, though he's usually not really playing chord melody, but accompanying himself.

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    Vilray is really good at this. I don't know if it's, strictly speaking, chord melody, as he's singing the melody, but his guitar work can be pretty sophisticated.

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    Gilray is wonderful and amazing. I think he is the closest thing to what the OP has in mind.

    Singers do not play chord melodies per se while they sing. They comp while they sing. Then they might play a chord melody as a solo, then go back to singing.