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    Quote Originally Posted by S F
    I'm glad that Julian is getting a lot of attention in all these magazines. But like others have said they aren't that interesting to read. Not much going on in there.
    I agree- TO ME, that flowery article was more about the author flexing his writing muscles than actually talking ABOUT LAGE. Just my $0.02. Just tell me about the guy, if you want to paint mental pictures go write a novel LOL. I'm a huge romantic, I love romanticism, but when I'm reading about a player, event, or piece of gear, I'd really like just the facts, please.


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    Quote Originally Posted by AKA
    I first heard Julian play when he was featured as a “kid” during one of the performances at the Healdsburg Guitar Festival. He seemed to be around 10 years old. As soon as he began playing it was immediately clear to me, and I believe to all there, that he was a special musician. He seemed to merge with his archtop, a Manzer I believe. As he played a few high tempo standards and a ballad or two, the look of pure delight on his face and the way he swayed to the music as he performed was spellbinding.AKA
    I also saw that performance at Healdsburg, and it was also my first introduction to Julian. I was sitting near Linda Manzer in the audience, and she was beaming.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ruger9
    I'll add T-Bone Walker, Charlie Christian, and Johnny Smith. Eclectic? I guess- I just like what I like...
    The very definition of eclectic. To like what you like and not pigeonhole your tastes.

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    I was late to Julians party- one song opened my ears:

    So much dynamic, feeling, technique and tone…my biggest influence to an elegant Telecaster tone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2bornot2bop
    Sorry. I don’t get the Julian Lage thing. A great technician, sure. A good jazz guitarist? I’m not hearing it. He’s got zero blues in his playing. And his tone is horrid. Different strokes.
    Does this help?

    He's not tied to bebop, which is how most people define "jazz" as a stereotyped genre, and thus sometimes doesn't "sound" like jazz to my ears.

    I have worn a little thin with the more recent JL stuff mainly because it's a little samey-samey for 3-4 records, but others obviously dig it a lot and JL seems to be digging it too. His talent is clear and the one time I have seen him live (with Kenny Wolleson on drums and Jorge Roeder on bass, when Arclight came out) was nothing short of riveting. I think that by 30 years from now he will have shown an astonishing breadth and depth- he already has, and he has decades of prime creative time ahead of him. I won't live to see all of his career, I expect, since I'm 62 now. Feels like kind of a shame.