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    still sounding so strong here, amazing. I went to visit him @ the hospital when they brought him down from NY, but he was very sick by then and passed a day or so later. I know it can be said of many, but I think if you look up "jazz musician" in the dictionary, Dexter's picture would probably be there.


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    There is something about Dexter Gordon's phrasing that to me will always sound exactly how jazz sax is supposed to. Bluesy, lyrical, swinging, laid back without losing energy. Gordon was the first jazz musician I got into, and he remains home base.

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    Always been a favourite of mine. I saw him twice in 1981/82, once was at close quarters in Ronnie Scotts club, an unforgettable experience. As he walked out of the dressing room (already playing), the sound of his tenor sax completely filled the club, before he got anywhere near the mic. The sound seemed to be coming from all directions, even from behind me!

    In fact when he got on stage and started playing through the mic. and the PA, it made no difference, I have never heard that before or since.

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    He was a great player. He gave a talk at Emory when I was there in the mid-80's, which I attended. Unfortunately, he didn't bring his saxophone, so we did not get to hear him play. Really regret that.

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    When giants walked the earth!

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    Dexter truly was about as great as there ever was. I regret not catching him in San Francisco at the nights at the Keystone. But eventually the entire concert was released on an 8 cd set. I probably have more Dexter than any other player. I truly cherished him.

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    Dexter Gordon-my favorite saxophonist.
    I've been listening to Dexter's music since the early 1980's.

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    Dexter be the man, in my book, only Sonny Rollins matched him in hipness / coolness.

    I cannot live without his Blue Note albums...

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    Here’s a photo I took of Dexter the first time I saw him (Knebworth jazz festival, UK, 1981). I think he was ‘conducting’ his band, i.e. getting them to play a loud crescendo at the end of a tune, all part of his act!

    One Of Dexter Gordon's last performances-cab3a603-3fed-449e-a9fd-5b221685fa7a-png

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    Hi, W,
    Dexter had what few musicians will ever have: a voice. I believe it is a gift of Nature/God(your choice). And, voice is an expression of your personality as played through an instrument. Many seek it. Few find it. Play live . . . Marinero

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    He really believed in bringing the music to the people, to the kids. He toured the college campus circuit after he returned to the states, which is where I saw him. Big sound. And a master at building solos; REALLY building them one note at a time. He was an educator and a statesman.
    SO glad he did Round Midnight!

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    Thanks George,

    He is one of my top heros. I could never catch him live but some of my friends saw him in Paris during the eighties in small jazz clubs. He was just blowing amaaaaaaaazingly. And the movie 'round midnight directed by Bertrand Tavernier where Dexter is starring is one of the very best films ever made on jazz music.

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    Dexter Gordon was one of the main reasons I got into straight ahead jazz after making the transition from rock to jazz-fusion.

    I was into guitarist like Larry Coryell and Philip Catherine and found Gordon album Something Different.

    Dexter Gordon is still the sax player I listen to the most.

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    Last week, I bought the 5 CD set on Amazon of Dexter's Blue Note recordings titled "Dexter Gordon/5 Original Albums." It gives a good smattering of his versatility during various time periods with different sidemen. The one aspect of his music that always stands out above all else is his voice. There are a few like D(Miles, Chet, Monk, Trane, Jug, Wes, etc.) who have it. Most don't. This collection is a quick way for those not acquainted with his music to hear D's versatility and sound.
    Play live . . . Marinero