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    So, having discovered Jakob Bro on the Marcin thread, I did some YouTubing and this guy is very interesting. Anyone here listen to him? Reading his bio, he's in so many projects, not sure what I should maybe try listening to first? Is all his stuff atmospheric (like the video below) or do his albums differ greatly, or???

    I love atmospheric stuff, it's the quality that helps me enjoy Frissel and Lage so much. Even Duke Levine and Jim Campilongo (altho they are less atmospheric than others mentioned).


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    I enjoy his playing from the amount I have heard. I need to do a deep dive and check him out some more

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    A little atmospheric go a long way with me so I can't claim to be an expert of his work, but Balladeering and Time are both very, very good for what they attempt to do. Balladeering in particular have a very pure artistic vision that I admire even if it's ultimately not my thing. It's of a piece in a way that I like

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    Balladeering is one of my favorite guitar albums.

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    I like what I have heard from him. The stuff he did with Konitz and Frisell is gorgeous.

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    I' be been digging these releases lately:

    Opal - YouTube

    Gefion - YouTube

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