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    Lately John played more and more solo gigs... probably because of the general situation. I guess originally he is one of the players who prefer to play in a group setting.

    When I saw him live - only once - it was quite an opposite Uberjam project... I am not a fan of this style in general but Sco was great in it anyway. And when he played some solo intros and outros I always felt how much his approach is similar to my feel of solo jazz (around jazz/Anericana) guitar playing... not that I can (or want to) repeat it..
    I am talking more of a general approach to the instrument in that solo context - it is quite different to what Bill Frisell or Pat Metheny do for example...
    By the way Bill seems to accomodate himself quite comfortably in solo settings... I think he and Peter Bernstein are my next favourites in solo guitar playing.
    (I also love Bobby Broom's solo stuff - more 'old school' vibe in his playing)

    There are a lot of more skilful, more technically versatile, sometimes scaringly capable guitarists in and around jazz today doing fantastic solo gig...
    but there is some vibe, some character that I find in Sco's nature of musicality that somehow establishes the feeling of true connection, direct conversation, deep authencity...

    Proabbaly he will never do a solo record... i guess he might consider it too pretencious and ambitious... seems he feels more like he is forced to do it...

    I often say: I love Bill Frisell, I admire Pat Metheny, but Sco is like an elder brother I never had


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    The jazz language used by JS is the most recognizable among guitarists.
    Still my nr 1!!!

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    Sco should release some solo stuff like this. Maybe just do 5 tunes on a digital-only EP, like Pasquale Grasso did, if he doesn’t want to do a whole CD. I reckon it would do very well sales-wise.

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    I really like how he plays solo. It grooves, but it's not beating me over the head with a thousand chords and walking bass and all of that. It breathes.

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    Fantastic! Prolly the only solo guitar I enjoy listening full hearted.

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    I am subscribed to his FB page and he will play two solo gigs on 24 February.

    I would have paid online ticket if they were on air. But I guess they will not.
    Hope they would make a recording and probably he could choose of it a set for making a live CD.
    Good video would be great of course too..

    'Ridgefield Playhouse Saturday April 24th. Solo concert.
    For those of you, like me, who go to bed really early during this pandemic, there’s a 4:00 show! And a 7:00 show for all you night people. I intend to go to both.'

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