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    I was listening to Shirley Horn ,again, last night and was, once again, drawn into this beautiful ballad. Listen to the masterful accompaniment on harmonica and guitar by Toots who ,although, was primarily known for his harmonica playing was also a fine guitarist. I have always said that ballads are the most difficult music to play in Jazz since they expose musical taste and nuance as juxtaposed to rabid and frenetic sheets of sound. The interplay between Shirley's vocals and Toots' harmonic/guitar are pure magic. I hope you enjoy. Play live . . . Marinero


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    The first time I heard such a version: Beautifull Love played in the style of a ballad.
    I know a lot of versions of this song, they weren't slow ballads - usually the tempo was faster.
    The ballad version reveals new qualities of this tune.
    Beautiful recording