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    A name I don’t think I had ever come across before Barry Harris mentioned him during last week’s webinar. According to Wiki he was a major NYC rhythm guitarist and teacher who played with practically everyone during a very long career starting in the 1930s— he died aged 101 in 2009. His papers, including lesson materials, are at the Schomburg Center, NYPL. He released several albums as leader on his own label (Toy). Does anyone here have any of his books, records or lessons or any recollections of his playing or teaching?

    There’s an interview at Michael Petterson’s FG site and a few obits online.


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    good pic...lucie with flat top lp..and bassist with ampeg baby bass


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    I remember seeing him play in New York. It was a concert with a few other guitarists as I recall and he played a chord solo of It's Only A Paper Moon that, come to think of it, was one of the reasons I got started in chord solo playing. Listening to him play with such swing, soul and a quality of ease that just made me feel like "THAT's what I want to be able to do!".
    I didn't hear his name very much, he wasn't really active on the club scene by then but I know he was well known in the community and he certainly left an impression on me.

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    Never heard of him before. I found this on YouTube ......

    Lawrence " Larry " Lucie And The Hub Caps - Blue Guitar / Dorky (1959) - YouTube

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    In the 90's, he had a solo gig on Houston St in NYC (was it called Arturo's?) His playing was really stripped down, sometime a C major voicing was a first fret open string chord, but undeniably JAZZ. He played with Jelly Roll Morton, and you could hear the history of the music in everything he played. We didn't ever play 'together'-together, but I played a few tunes here and there when he took breaks. He insisted on buying me his favorite 'taste', Frangelico, and now I can't see that weird half-anthropomorphic bottle without thinking of him. Thanks for sharing the pics and links!


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    There was an article in GP about him, many years ago. I don't know how to get it, unfortunately.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulkogut
    In the 90's, he had a solo gig on Houston St in NYC (was it called Arturo's?)
    YEAH! I remember that place, little step down tiny place I think, Northwest block of Houston and West Broadway? I went there quite a bit, they had good people on a semi regular basis. Listings in the Village Voice would always bring me in. I think they gutted the place and put something else down there. The village was an amazing place, a jazz guitarist's dream back then. 'til you mentioned it, I complete forgot about Arturo's. Good memories. Wish I knew what I knew now back then ;-)