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    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    His Andante Espressivo, composed after his beloved wife passed many years ago. Played masterfully by his later collaborator maestro David Russell.

    R.I.P. Maestro Morel.

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    I last saw Jorge at a Guitar Foundation of America Convention/Competition in Miami in 2002. He held a masterclass and played several of his compositions. He was an "Old School" artist who focused on sound and interpretation rather than technical blizzardry. Today, in the Classical Guitar World, we are producing generations of "music machines" who play fast, tackle ambitious technical pieces, and, for the majority IMO, all sound the same. Sound familiar? Descansa en paz, hermano!
    Play live . . . Marinero

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    I wasn't fortunate enough to see him live, but I love his music. A teacher at the store I took lessons at used to play his pieces. They remind me of my first guitar years, when everything was new and that music shop, it was chock full of interesting stuff.

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    I think Russell plays Morel's works masterfully on that Aire Latino album, and it likely contributed significantly to its Grammy for best classical instrumental performance of 2005. I think Morel agreed because after Russell visited him and payed his pieces Morel dedicated one of those compositions to Russell. That says a lot.

    Morel was also a pal of Joe Pass and was quoted as saying "I love these jazz men..."

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    RIP, Jorge. Thank you for the beautiful music.

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    Curiously, not someone I ever got into, but he was a great player and good composer, so what's not to like? Sorry to hear he has left us.

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    I didn't realize he was still alive as of this month.

    I learned about Morel when working as a bus boy at a place that had a classical guitarist appear regularly. This guitarist like to play "Bossa in Re", which I still find insanely catchy, like a Raymond Scott tune.

    Here's an 11-year-old playing it who kind of makes me want to burn my nylon string guitar.

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    I was fortunate to get to know Jorge Morel, as he hung out a bit at Luthier Music in Manhattan, where I shopped regularly for guitars, strings and CDs. He really was intrigued by jazz, and often held forth at the Village Gate, where he performed with a fine group who fleshed out his solo pieces. He did some improvising as well, to excellent effect. A true Maestro, and a cool dude. Sorry he's gone, but grateful that he left a really high-level legacy of compositions and recordings.