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    Hello there friends!!

    I think that maybe some of you will be interested in this Workshop from Matt about Swing guitar soloing from Peghead Nation.

    Video recordings will be available to students a week after each class, in case they miss a class or want to review what they’ve learned.

    Register for Matt Munisteri’s 8-session, live Swing Guitar Soloing Workshop - Peghead Nation

    The first day was about Louis Armstrong solo on the Sunny Side of the Street and here is my first attempt to it.



    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    That does look like fun! I like the way Matt talks about the music and the guitar... and learning in general in the into video.

    We are in a golden age of learning opportunities.

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    Your solo sounded great! Looking forward to today's workshop, he sure picked a good solo this week!

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    Hey thanks lang&django. Yesterday class was amazing. Matt is such an incredible player and person.

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    Yes definitely! Now all we need is Jonathan Stout to provide a class on swing rhythm and all areas are covered.

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    Anyone else on the forum attend Munisteri's course, or just Cleber and I?