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    what can be said that hasn't been said of Mr. Gilberto? just a seminal musician that I never tire of.....
    btw, observe his thumb playing the bass line in the traditional strict bossa rhythm, never strays. I've heard many purists criticize the way Americans play it w all the [our] syncopations duly noted....


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    agree wm...been listening to joão my entire life...one of the greats...

    and jobims b-day anniversary was a couple of days ago!


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    and a little Stan to mix...heaven!

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    There is, or maybe was, a documentary on Netflix called "this is bossa nova." It had interviews with some of the early bossa nova creators, with a fair number of informal examples of the music around kitchen tables, etc. It was really pretty interesting and the difference between how Brazilians play that music versus Americans was quite striking.

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    Joao created a whole style of performance on both guitar and vocals. He perfected this style early and never varied throughout his career. His recordings remain sublime and I still enjoying listening to this great artist.