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    Anyone know who is this player circa late 40's in NYC?Unkown black guitarist-unkownguitarist1948-jpg


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    Is the woman Marie Bryant (who shows up in "Jammin' the Blues", the short film featuring Lester Young)?

    That might be a clue to the identity of the others.

    EDIT: Supposedly the central figure is Harry "The Hipster" Gibson, shown with his band around 1947-48

    [Portrait of Harry Gibson, New York, N.Y., ca. July 1948] | Library of Congress
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    Three guitarists are credited to have played on his albums: Slim Gaillard, Al Casey, Jon Davis. The man in the picture is wearing glasses, the mentioned guitarists don't.

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    I at least thought the lady was Carmen McCrae.

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    yeah thats harry the hipster gibson with his arm up in the air..a real character!!

    i've seen that pic before...i think the bass player was the leader...


    ps- it does look like carmen mcrae in the forefront!
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