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    With guys like Matteo Mancuso and Pasquale Grasso coming into there own, we have nothing to worry about. The future of our great instrument is suddenly and surely, in good hands..

    Joe DeNisco


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Right on. I have said it before but his fingerpicking makes mine seem like club footing.

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    He's great, no doubt! But the future of our instrument has very little to do with the availability of talented musicians. They are plentiful, in fact, probably now more than ever. The entire music industry is in the crapper. Public interest is virtually nonexistent. Our relatively small community still hungers for amazing players like Matteo, but the pop "music" fans probably couldn't care less. And then, on top of that, we have local restrictions on venues (whose significant reason for being is live music) on promoting the music because of the pandemic (I guess). We're doomed!

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    That was a very nice clip.

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    Big fan. Especially his right hand technique. Check out his instagram for more short clips.