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    -- I'm gonna just leave this here, it speaks for itself.


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    If you have not read John Fahey's autobiography How Bluegrass Music Destroyed My Life, it's worth it. He waxes rhapsodic about Bola Sete and his use of his thumb when playing.

    I liked Sete with Vince Guaraldi a lot. Maybe because it always sounds just a little bit like Peanuts...

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    Hr was a force of nature on the guitar and radiated joy in his clips with Guaraldi. Bole Sete in English, means seven Ball. (translation error corrected as I clearly needed more coffee that morning).
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    Sete -> seven

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    Indeed, "eight" in Portuguese is "oito", according to Google Trans. "Eight Ball" would be a pretty cool nickname, though.

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    from wiki-

    Born in Rio de Janeiro, Bola Sete's name means "Seven Ball". In snooker, which is fairly popular in Brazil, the seven ball is the only black ball on the table (like the eight ball in pool), and Bola got this nickname when he was the only black member of a small jazz group

    long time bola fan thru his work with vince guaraldi