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    I found this page very interesting and illuminating. I understand just how revered and important Louie is in the lineage of jazz but, If you asked me yesterday, I would not have understood just how harmonically slippery and at times - surprisingly chromatic - his playing was. Lots of lessons for guitarists with ears. These horn lines don't always line up with all our familiar fretboard patterns.

    6 Surprisingly Modern Solo Techniques from Louis Armstrong • Jazzadvice


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    That’s pretty interesting stuff. To some extent it’s a natural thing that comes from Louis’ ear and sense of timing.

    The beauty is its simplicity though.

    Seems to me that what Louis and the other early jazz pioneers did was to take the rigid syncopation of ragtime, heavily influenced by European classical music, and throw in the erratic rhythms of the blues. And what better place for this to happen than New Orleans?