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    Sorry if this has been previously posted here.....

    w/ Jerry Hahn, Steve Swallow & Roy Haynes

    May have been my first GB album, maybe even my first jazz album, but certainly wasn't the last !!

    Amplifier malfunction included.....: )
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    Also found this -- The New Quartet w/ Pat Metheny, Steve Swallow & Dan Gottleib

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    Why was tone so underappreciated during this year and the following decade or two? Jerry Hahn's comping with fuzz is pitiful. Sorry to all of you who are fusionado's but this is not what I want to hear. Gary makes the excuse that the amplifier went but it is clear that Jerry was playing with a fuzz. Give me Gary B. with Hank Garland any day over this.

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    I'm kind of wondering what Roy Haynes thought of his experience with Burton. Was he thinking "20 years ago I was playing with Lester Young and Charlie Parker, 5 years ago I was backing up Coltrane, and now I'm working with a bunch of college nerds who couldn't hang at the Royal Roost if their lives depended on it"? Or was he thinking "these guys might have the key to moving jazz forward in the age of Aquarius, and this Swallow guy can write a tune..."? Or maybe something in between.

    Speaking of Burton, I just stumbled on his 1985 recording of Scofield's tune "The Beatles". Interesting, though he doesn't do anything too radical with it, mostly just playing it like the original recording.

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    I love Gary's stuff with guitar players, especially when he had Mick Goodrick in his band.