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    Stones Visit Memphis - Rolling Stone

    Note: I was at this concert in Memphis in '75. Was still in high school (though at the moment it was, as Alice Cooper put it, "School's out for summer!")
    Charlie Daniels was very good, as usual. This was the first time I saw the Meters or the J. Geils Band. I had bought tickets for a few J Geils shows in Nashville but they were always canceled, so this was my first chance to see them live. I gave them much higher marks than the writer of the above article.

    The Furry Lewis tune the Stones did on the "Sticky Fingers" album.


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    ^ classic homewood show of furry with leon..the beautiful singer claudia lennear diggin furry...she wound up coverin furry tunes

    leon could play with anyone...a musicians musician

    here's whole show-

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    Furry Lewis-furry-lewis-jpg

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    I played a show with Furry Lewis in Memphis in the seventies and he made me feel welcome! Also I wrote my senior theme in high school on Mississippi Fred Mcdowell He Dont Play No Rock and Roll was one of his quotes. Im not sure but I think he wrote You Got To Move. I was lucky to play and do session with Albert King and Totsie Davis who wrote a hit for Stevie Ray Vaughn. Albert used Black Diamond strings with a wound G and a non standard tuning.Was he illiterate or not ? I heard he would pretend to be to see if people would take advantage of him.He had a older black limo with sunburst furry cloth on top and landau bars and a valet! He knew nothing of music theory whatsoever, yet Scott Henderson said I would rather hear Albert drop his guitar then most guys try and play the blues! Wolf Marshall has an excellent with CD about Alberts Great Style!

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    There is a terrific authentic upcoming bluesman named Lucious Spiller on a NPR broadcast doing WALK WITH ME ! I think he lives in Clarksdale Mississippi and performs on a regular basis at a blues club owned by a movie star named Morgan something. This man is a fine player of blues and jazz and deserves more recognition. I know this is a jazz forum but blues is really at the ORIGINS OF WHAT JAZZ IS!