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    Dear friends,

    I’m very excited to host an online Zoom workshop with the great guitarist Peter Mazza on Saturday 23 August! 3pm London time.

    I'm hosting it on behalf of The London Jazz Guitar Society, a group I've led for the last several years. As this is an online event, I hope that guitarists from around the world will take the opportunity to join Peter and I.

    Many forum members will doubtless be aware of Peter's remarkable musicianship. This is the first virtual teaching event that Peter has participated in and we hope that guitarists of all abilities will find inspiration here.

    Peter will present his approach to arranging a well-known jazz standard for a solo guitar performance.

    We'll take a standard like 'All the Things You Are' and run through the harmonic and melodic structure before breaking down the basic harmonic substitution devices that guitarists of any level can utilise.

    Peter will demonstrate simple, intermediate and advanced approaches, beginning with the common grip chords we all know and use, then moving into more sophisticated and less common voicing. Pianistic and orchestral textures, including inner voice-leading and multiple voicings per chord will be presented.

    In addition to his reputation for an adventurous sense of harmony, Peter is equally known for his rhythmic sophistication. We'll discuss the importance of rhythm from classic swing rhythms to more modern over-the bar line odd groupings and polyrhythms.

    In addition to Peter's presentation, there will be time for discussion and participants are encouraged to ask questions.

    Tickets are priced at £15 GBP and are available now via TicketSource at:

    Hope this is of interest to fellow forumites!

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    Sun 23rd August 2020 3:00PM London BST, I assume?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Neverisky

    Sun 23rd August 2020 3:00PM London BST, I assume?
    Hi Michael,
    Yes, that's 3pm London BST / 10am ET.

    I've updated the original post to make that clear.

    Best wishes,

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    Peter Mazza will also be giving a solo guitar performance on Zoom for the long-running jazz venue Soundcellar in Poole, UK, on Thursday 27 August at 8.15pm (UK time).

    Peter will play a solo set following by a Q&A with the audience.

    Tickets are just £5 GBP and available on Eventbrite at Peter Mazza (guitar) Tickets, Thu 27 Aug 2020 at 20:15 | Eventbrite