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    I am really enjoying Steve's new recording Blue Has A Range.

    What a great player!
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    thanks for the heads up...steve is a fave of the current crop...i see he has composer/bassist ben allison with him...nice

    just heard opening track- lost and found - here...(i like it!)


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    Good call, thanks, Ric! I was just on his web site the other day, and there was no mention of it (and still isn't!).

    Ordering it now!

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    I like the sound of the recording, as well.

    Good project all the way around.

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    Steve's new album is a real treat for the ears.

    He played a couple of tunes from the album for Fretboard Journal and speaks about the 1959 Martin acoustic that's on a couple of the tunes - his partner's mother is the original owner!

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    There is an album listening event taking place on Zoom this Friday 31 July, with the entire band (Steve, Jon Cowherd, Ben Allison and Brian Blade). 3pm EST.

    The Meeting ID is 920 6853 9891
    Sunnyside Records will be sending out the password in this week's mail shot. I'll share it here.

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    thanks david...beautiful martin guitar..sounds wonderful...& nice provenance


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    Updated details for this afternoon's Zoom event with Steve and the band.

    Topic: Steve Cardenas - Blue Has A Range - Streaming Release Event!
    Time: Jul 31, 2020 03:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

    Join Steve Cardenas, Jon Cowherd, Ben Allison and Brian Blade as they listen to
    selections from Cardenas's recently released Blue Has a Range and discuss the pieces
    and how they came to life.

    Join Zoom Meeting

    Meeting ID: 920 6853 9891

    Please note: There will a password for this event! It is below:

    PASS CODE: 662465

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    [I'm working, but I was able to sneak on for a while! Very cool!!]

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    Received the CD a few days ago -- fantastic stuff! Steve's one of my faves, and with Brian Blade on drums?? C'mon!! Great playing and compositions -- grab it now!

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    One of my top picks from 2020! Highly recommended! Steve is such a fantastic player; so much musicianship.