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    There are lots of Bill's interviews. They are all great, but mostly they have historic perspective about life, carrier, people.

    Here is rare caese when he discusses his process. And he is ver articulate about it.

    'I practice and prepare and do all this work, but it’s like I’m preparing to be ready for the unknown (...) The reason to practice and prepare is so you can take risks. I don’t know if that’s what creativity is, but it’s just trying to stay in that place of uncertainty.'



    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Humble, as ever.

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    another good one..with jim hall and bill...more dialogue than interview!

    Extended Lesson: Bill Frisell Interviews Jim Hall | Fretboard Journal


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    Thank you, neatomic,

    this one is good too.

    There are really great interviews with Bill... lots of stories. I heard a long - almost an hou long - radio one...

    Then I saw at least two or three video interview... one with Pablo Held lasted for 2 hours! and was fantastic...

    But he does not usually speak much about his process....