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    was watching a 50's noir-ish film called destination murder, and this band showed up in a couple of scenes...very tight and lotsa fun...they started out in the 30's and went through various styles from ballads (think mills brothers) to jump n jive (ala slim gaillard) and even into rock and roll..they performed into the 60's..had some minor hits along the way..and made it into films

    the leader steve gibson played the guitar...though contrary to his name, he favored an epiphone! hah

    in this early ed sullivan show performance, the band does what it does best...a tight show band

    can't help think that chuck berry might have gotten some ideas from steve as well...a real mover!

    by no means essential, but definitely typical of many now obscure bands from that era, that combined some good playing/singing with some showmanship fun

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    Cool post NA of a largely forgotten musician, though he was very popular in his time.
    He did own a few Epis but he actually had a number of great guitars, I have this lp where he's playing a custom prewar L-5PN w/Christian p.u. on the cover.

    then there's his custom 2 pickup D'Angelico Excel cutaway

    custom color 50's Strat!

    back in the day a guitarist I knew said he studied w/Steve and he got to play a lot of his guitars during lessons.

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    great add wintermoon...thanks!

    interesting they had a young bobby gregg for a drummer

    Bobby Gregg - short resume

    He played on Simon and Garfunkel’s ‘Sound of Silence’

    He was even a Hawk before the changed the name to ‘The Band’.

    He was the backing drummer for Peter Paul and Mary in 1967 for the ‘Peter Paul and Mary Album’.

    He is the drummer on dylan's ‘Like a Rolling Stone’

    He was drummer in 1955 for Steve Gibson and the Red Caps.

    He was born in Philadelphia in 1929 or 1930

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    One more, once.

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    Geez, N,
    I wonder where they went to school to play that music? Loved the dancing, too . . my parents were competition Jitter-buggers during the "40's and "50's and I grew up on a steady diet of Boogie Woogie, Rock and Roll and ,as we used to call it--Soul Music. Great videos! Good playing . . .Marinero