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    FYI, on Friday June 5th, bandcamp.com will give all the money for records sold to the artists. I have a couple of jazz guitar things picked out:

    Steve Cardenas, both on his own and with Chris Cheek:
    Steve Cardenas / Chris Cheek

    A relatively unknown player, Scott Sawyer, who just put out a quartet album with tenor sax that sounds a bit like Rosenswinkel with Mark Turner, or even a distant relation of the Scofield/Lovano quartet:

    album review: First Listen: Scott Sawyer’s ‘Night Visions’ - Jim Dixon - Medium
    bandcamp: Night Visions | Scott Sawyer

    Anyone have any good recommendations? Doesn't have to be jazz guitar


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Nelson Veras - Three out-of-print albums now available on Bandcamp.
    Music | nelson veras

    Brad Shepik, Sam Minaie and John Hadfield - 'Believers'
    Believers | Orenda Records

    Tobie Carpenter Organ Trio - ‘Dead Pan Party’
    Bandcamp: https://tobiecarpenter.bandcamp.com

    Harry Christelis' Moostak Trio

    Bandcamp: https://harrychristelismoostaktrio.bandcamp.com/releases

    Flying Machines - ‘New Life’
    Bandcamp: https://bigbadwolflondon.bandcamp.com/album/why-wont-you

    Kansas Smitty's - ‘Things Happened Here'
    Bandcamp: https://kansassmittys.bandcamp.com/alb…/things-happened-here

    Ant Law - Guitarist - ‘Life I Know’
    Bandcamp: https://antlaw.bandcamp.com/album/life-i-know

    London Django Collective - 5 EPs
    Bandcamp: https://londondjangocollective.bandcamp.com

    Rob Luft
    - ‘Life is the Dancer’
    Bandcamp: https://robluft.bandcamp.com

    Olivia's Owls - ‘Moments Arriving’
    Bandcamp: https://oliviasowls.bandcamp.com/album/moments-arriving

    Partisans (co-led by Phil Robson and Julian Siegel) - ‘Nit De Nit’
    Bandcamp: https://partisansjazz.bandcamp.com/album/nit-de-nit

    Preston Glasgow Lowe - ‘Something About Rainbows’
    Bandcamp: https://pglmusic.bandcamp.com/album/something-about-rainbows

    Nigel Price - 'Live at The Crypt'
    Bandcamp: https://nigethejazzer.bandcamp.com/a...e-at-the-crypt

    Alison Rayner Quintet - ‘Short Stories’.
    Bandcamp: https://arqmusic1.bandcamp.com/releases

    Phil Robson Official - ‘The Cut Off Point’
    Bandcamp: https://philrobson.bandcamp.com/album/the-cut-off-point

    SEN3 - ‘Live’
    Bandcamp: https://sen3.bandcamp.com

    Mike De Souza - 'Slow Burn'
    Bandcamp: https://mikedesouzatrio.bandcamp.com/album/slow-burn

    Svarc Hanley Longhawn - ‘SHL #2’
    Bandcamp: https://svarchanleylonghawn.bandcamp.com

    Trio HLK - ‘Standard Time’
    Bandcamp: https://triohlk.bandcamp.com

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    Goodbye To Love | Claudia Thompson
    A recently reissued standards album from the 50s with prominent amounts of Barney Kessel

    Black Coffee Blues | Albanie Falletta
    I like Albanie Falletta a lot, a bluesy singer-songwriter who crosses over into New Orleans-style swing when she's with her band

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    Sunnyside Records have a 30% discount on their entire catalogue from 5 to 7 June. Use the code givebackbc


    Some recent favourites on Sunnyside are Denny Zeitlin's 'Live at Mezzrow', Ben Monder's 'Day After Day', Harriet Tubman's 'The Terror End of Beauty', Clovis Nicolas 'Freedom Suite Ensemble'.
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    Thanks for the recommendations. I now have several new Sunnyside-label records and some independent London jazz I never would have found on my own.

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    My son, Dylan Sherry, and his trio released a beautiful set last year on BandCamp. It's here.

    As a fan of postmodern jazz and yeah, as a proud dad, I recommend it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 44lombard
    Thanks for the recommendations. I now have several new Sunnyside-label records and some independent London jazz I never would have found on my own.
    Nice! Which music from the London scene did you pick up?

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    I don’t like Bandcamp. I have $0 in sales there. At least I am making a little bit of money on Tunecore and Distrokid. It’s hard being a small market incognito freelance composer. Even though my songs are jazzy jingles containing strong harmonies, strong melodic structures, and well-written lyrics, it’s lost in the mix of garbage original rap songs. I have my best songs buried on Spotify with other rappers. You have like rappers getting millions of streams with rubbish content, while I have much better songwriting skills but getting A stream requires a miracle and I’m not signed to a record label. I deserve a much better fate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by David B
    Nice! Which music from the London scene did you pick up?
    I listened to samples of everything recommended and liked a lot of it. Yesterday I got Nigel Price - 'Live at The Crypt'. Also got 2 Nelson Veras records, and I'd never heard of him.

    That was on top of about 5-6 Sunnyside label things that I couldn't resist. Thanks for all the good recommendations, I'll return to this list.