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    This is available for free on Vimeo for a few more days. I was hipped to it by the Mosaic Records Sunday email.


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    hey c, thanks so much for the heads up on this great of the best jazz bios i've ever seen...just wonderful stuff...

    and plenty of metheny (he was hadens best man) for the guitar players

    don't miss it


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    Thank-you so much for posting this! He's been an inspiration to me forever. Even more-so after watching this. What a beautiful way to spend a Sunday in lock-down.

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    Wonderful - totally wonderful

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    Beautiful film of a beautiful person. There's the lesson: listen.

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    Thanks for the link - downloaded to watch later....big fan.

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    Thanks. Really enjoyed it. A life rich and well-spent.

    All that I missed were duets with Chris Anderson, but those are out on CD (None but the Lonely Heart---Naim)...

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    one of my fave haden performances..with his old ornette bandmates billy higgins and don cherry...on don cherrys classic lp-brown rice



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    Almost like a raga. What a big sound he makes.

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    malkauns is indeed an actual raga!!...

    but ^ a jazzers take on it!! hah

    don cherry's brown rice is a great album....haden plays thru a wah pedal on the title track...almost gets a tabla effect

    don cherry was a hero to me...he thought way outside the box...and the guys that played with him all had ears..why charlie was perfect!! and higgins..and frank lowe on players with huge ears

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    I used to have a Don Cherry album with a picture of a soccer field on the cover, if I remember correctly. Can't remember a lot about it, as I was listening to a lot of that stuff at the time, but I do remember liking it a lot. I wonder what it was...

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    Ah, found it...

    Charlie Haden Ramblin' Boy documentary-playing_-album-jpg

    Don Cherry, Dewey Redman, Charlie Haden, and the great Ed Blackwell. I'd love to hear it again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob MacKillop
    yeah rob, old and new dreams was great band..all ornette guys..blackwell of new orleans, one of the greatest ever..him and higgins could do no wrong...and dewey..played along side ornette..joshua redmans dad!!

    and charlie of course..great as ever

    that bio film ^ was really great...loved the fact he had a woman luthier!!!..and that he had that special bottle of wood polish for his bass that he prized!!! haha..what a great!..spent days in portuguese jail!

    always great to see carla bley as well...another treasure


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    I met Dewey Redman twice: once at a bar in the Village. He saw my guitar and said: 'Musician! We gotta stick together!' The 2nd time was an early JALC reheasal I wandered into after a club date office audition started boring my ass off. It was before the Time Warner building, and they were in a rehearsal studio. (Long story for another time---met Wynton and Ornette, whose music they were rehearsing. A beautiful day). But Dewey (also Wynton and Mr. Coleman himself) was just as warm and real as that first brief encounter.

    These people can never be replaced...