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    I'll let him speak for himself:


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    'Nother one, with more Nathen and a trebly tone. Swing on!

    Harold Mabern, piano without a doubt...

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    Showing his nice harmonic vocab:

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    My introduction to Nathen Page was on Jimmy Smith's late '60s album, The Boss. I picked it up for George Benson who features on most of the tracks but it was Page's solo, chocked full of funky 4ths, on "Fingers" that really caught my ear (he comes in around 06'20"):

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    I love his ideas, openness---and that it doesn't sound worked out...

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    Nathen, lived about 10 mins from my house here in Winter Park, Florida. I saw him around performing quite a bit. While I was in college back in the early 90's, I took a class called "Jazz & Blues", the instructor invited some local musicians to perform at the classroom; and here came Nathen Page, Nat Adderley, and Don Lamond!! Nathen was an impressive musician, but even more impressive as a human being. He was never too busy to talk to a fan or even a child. I surely miss him....


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    I knew Nathan from performing in the central Florida area as well. Amazing guitarist and damn good piano player as well. I was always trying to get him to do a lesson but not his thing as for others as well. The last time I saw him he was playing standards on a baby grand. We stayed for the whole gig trying to stump him. No luck. His Christmas CD is the best holiday jazz CD I've heard. RIP to a great musician and equally great guy.

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    I just came across Nathen Page by complete accident on Youtube. And woah. What a player. If Ed Cherry digs him enough to comment on YouTube thats good enough for me:

    Nathen Page-screen-shot-2021-12-06-2-03-25-pm-png

    I was there was more recorded output of his to dig into!!

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    Page played with some of the top organists, including Jimmy Smith, with whom I saw him. He was excellent in both accompanying and soloing, very fluid and with a great sound.

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    Watching the Jimmy Smith vid again I just now realized that he's a thumb player. How could I not have noticed?! Slow un the uptake I guess...