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    Helmut Nieberle *22.06.59 †09.02.20

    He was a german 7string jazz guitarist. As far as I know he was mostly known for straight-ahead jazz and some gipsy stuff.
    I don't know if he is known to many people outside of Germany, but he has played and recorded with a lot of great musicians including i.e. Howard Alden and Bruce Forman.

    I must confess, that I was aware of him, but haven't listened to much of his stuff. So I'm not an expert.

    If you are interested, he has some stuff on youtube and on Spotify. You can check one of his two last recordings. It is a duo CD with American singer Jeanne Gies.

    This video was from his last gig. A week later he died.

    Since you should keep people in good memory. Here is a video where he's having a lot of fun with Bruce Forman and a very talented kid (I did not know Etienne Witch before, but know I will keep an eye on him).

    And here he is with Howard


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    I learned about him through his post here selling his D'angelico, and after his passing spent some time with his u-Tubes. Sure seemed like a sweet guy and a fine player. I bet there's lots of folks missing him.