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    Does anyone know where I can get any Michael Bloomfield transcriptions. Albert's Shuffle would be awesome to find. So many nuances. What a magical player. Wish he was still with us.


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    are far & few for a reason - Mike's playing style presents challenges for both standard and tab notation. There is a guy who has done some of his stuff, you might want to contact him. He has a nice tab of East West up on the official site, along with interesting analysis and a description of his methods.

    I hope that helps.

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    hello leon
    did you find any mike bloomfield transcriptions?

    I also would like the Tab for ALbert's shuffle, great playing.

    in a very old book (which I bought over 30 years ago) I have the Tab to the solo for Born in Chicago if you want it?

    I also downloaded the Tab mentioned above for east West and the Guitar Player mag (April 95) with MB lesson.

    cheers Lindsay

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    hello jimbobway, thanks yes I found that.

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    I've transcribed 3 of his solos, but they're in my head not on paper. Anyway, transcribing his nuances would be almost impossible - he had such a unique style. Go ahead and do one yourself. Try "I've Got a Mind To Give Up Living" from the Work Song album - it's a slow blues so it's not too hard to transcribe.

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    This might be helpful.

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    Yes, I have all these. I got the Don Mock stuff years ago off of Guitar player mag. Thanks. I still haven't had much luck with new Bloomfield transriptions. I bought a copy of "Transcribe" and have been able to grab a lot of his stuff directly to the guitar. It helps to focus in on his "flurries" at a reduced speed in a focused way. I would have never figured Michael Bloomfiled for a 'D tuning' kind of guy. I figured him for a just go for it kind of guy. Albert's shuffle is a serious case study in blues guitar for me. Always will be. I appreciate the communication, y'all.

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    Hey CoochieBlues, I'd like to have that transcription if I may please.

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    coolvinny mentioned I've got a mind to give up living - that is a classic. back in the 60s we used to play Mary Mary and I think I've got a mind to give up living was on the B side of the 45. when I heard that my jaw dropped, that is awesome playing!! but I've never got around to figuring it out.

    I am also a peter green fan, he does a great live version of I've got a mind to give up living on one of fleetwood mac live albums.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leon Rodriguez
    Hey CoochieBlues, I'd like to have that transcription if I may please.
    how do I attach 2 pdf files???

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    To attach files:

    1. click on the "Go Advanced" reply button.
    2. Up on top of the screen you will see a paper clip icon.
    3. Click on it and you're on your way.

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    I can't see the paper clip icon so I used the attach files box down below.

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    Much obliged Cooch! Can't get enough Mike Bloomfield and his jaw dropping blues technique. Much gratitude form a true MB devotee!

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    I just joined this forum, and found this thread. I'm looking for a transcription of Michael Bloomfield "I've Got a Mind" -- is the one you posted still available? I don't see it attached. Thanks!

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    Not what you are asking for but may also be interesting anyway:

    10 Ways to Play Like Mike Bloomfield -