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    Just wanted to pay tribute to a guy mostly flying under the radar:

    Vinny Correa is a swinging pro, living in NJ. He's worked w/Ella Fitzgerald that I know of, and who-all else I can only imagine. He has a fat tone and fat groove---old-school all the way. Probably knows every standard needed, plus lots of bebop and swing tunes.

    I became aware of Mr. Correa on a 1988 gig I had in Metuchen, NJ with clarinettist Kenny Davern. He sat in with us, and when I left a little early to make a train he was in the chair and they were spankin' holy hell on Joshua Fit De Battle of Jericho.

    Try though I did, I can find no recorded examples of this wonderful player anywhere on the web. A drag, b/c I really wanted to turn other players here on to him. If anyone else can find some, don't be shy---dive right in...


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    Yes, worked w many of the top organists in the day including Groove Holmes in addition to those mentioned above.

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    youtube him you'll find some videos
    Vinny Corrao

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    Glad someone paid attention. Yeah, a NJ guy. That's where I met him the one time...

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    Quote Originally Posted by wintermoon
    youtube him you'll find some videos
    Vinny Corrao
    I found none. Maybe I spelled it wrong...

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    Quote Originally Posted by djg
    never heard of him

    but there is this really great NJ guitarist who played with patterson, mcduff and freddie roach in the 60s. he gave pat martino a run for his money. vinnie corrao. i'm a huge fan of his playing.

    Burnin' on this!

    Whole band's on fire. 'Liftin' the stand'...

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    He was my fathers very close friend growing up.
    Outstanding guitar player. An even greater man. I last talked to him in late 2017. I hope is OK. He helped me understand a few things about my father that I never realized. I am indebted to Vinnie for the time he spent with me. He changed a lot of perceptions I had. I owe him.
    Joe DeNisco

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    wow Joe D how cool!!

    be nice if he knew he was so appreciated!!



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    Quote Originally Posted by joelf
    I found none. Maybe I spelled it wrong...
    Vinny Corrao

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    Found this Don Patterson joint with Vinnie from '67: