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    Hi Guys,

    Looking today at phrasing head melodies, so i chose 3 players to transcribe to get inside the way they play Out of Nowhere.

    I threw this little video together on Chet Baker/Sonny Stitt/Paul Desmond playing the Head getting inside how they approach it differently.

    Little Tid Bit Sonny Stitt take on Out of Nowhere (Around 45 secs in) definitely has been cut and edited - assuming he liked the head he played but preferred the solo on another take so they decided to splice i together leading into the last 4 bars of the head... I finish the phrase he was going to play but if your curious go listen to the original recording and hear the splice leading into the last 4 bars.
    Paul Desmond with Dave Brubeck is Tuned a quarter tone down from C 440 whether that is the just the piano they had on the day tuned that way or decided to, i do not know but it does add a warmth to the tonality, but that also could just be Paul Desmond making me think that.

    Hope you enjoy, is very interesting feeling out the different approaches to play the head.

    NOTE: Please make video quality 1080p if it doesn't do it automatically! Quality is important haha

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    Nice, both playing and the guitar. The 2nd one stands out, fits really well.