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    I have been planning on posting but didn't know how to get my point across. You did with "Just the deftness of how he gets chords in there".

    As others have noted all professional jazz guitar players use chords in their solo (even Grant Green, ha ha), but most typically either start or end a passage with a chord, or the entire passage is chords (Wes); I.e. single line solo then a solo using mostly chords.

    Barney gets his chord 'in there' often in unexpected places (well at least to me on the first listen of a recording).


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    And just because I'm studying Barney's immortal masterwork "Satin Doll", I'll just give this thread a bump and put it out there that he is my favorite jazz guitarist bar none. There are others I love almost as much (the unfairly obscure Remo Palmieri being one), and others that dazzle me more (Wes for instance) but given the choice to only listen to one guitarist for the rest of my day I'll take Barney – quirks included.

    As for being sloppy – I call that "taking risks and following your musical idea to its end no matter what". These are qualities, not weaknesses for an improviser. That mindset (and the head-hand connection that goes with it) is the reason why Barney's package includes (along the occasionally dirty lines) an overflow of swinging, lyrical, humorous, whimsical, intricate – always musical – phrases. His going berserk on the 3rd chorus of
    Satin Doll and then giving that massive hit on the brakes at the end of the chorus? Genius.

    And don't get me started on him as a chord soloist ;D

    I'd have loved to get to meet him personally.

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    I agree, Barney wasn't afraid to take risks

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    Barney burnin'.

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    My homage to Barney:

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    Beautiful! Thanks for posting this, Rob!

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    Barney particularly shines for me when he’s all by himself, with no other accompaniment. His tuneful arrangements and his guitaristic approach really set him apart.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr. beaumont
    My favorite Barney on record:

    Whoa — I had never heard this. It isn’t on Spotify. Thanks for posting!

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    BK being a member of the Wrecking Crew I was of course aware of him and I’d heard some of his work with Oscar Peterson. Then I saw a video of Bruce Forman telling about acquiring Barney’s old guitar and Bruce mentioned the intro to Cry Me A River. So I checked that out. Then I replayed that whole song five times just to hear what BK’s doing. Then I dropped everything and started to learn it. As far as accompaniment goes, this is _it_ for me. Deep down I’d love to be a good accompanist so this stuff resonates with me. BK’s doing so much more than comping. The Poll Winners stuff is also incredible. What a talent.

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    Kudos to Bruce for his thoughts and overall community-building and to my pals at FJ for this video.

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    Well, Bruce Forman's "Reunion!" album and all the Barney (and ES-350!) celebration that has happened around it sure is the best homage that could be payed to the master. Especially because the music is so great, and without there being one bar of slavish imitation you hear that same flow and intermingling of swinging single note runs and chord stabs.

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    While having the “Vol.3 To Swing Or Not To Swing”, “Blue Soul”, and “Summertime in Montreux” albums as cheap vinyl reissues I also like the very early stuff.

    This one I got as a christmas present in form of a single from the 50ies from a friend of my parents more than 30 years ago:

    And recently I discovered this one — High Gain Barney jamming with Dexter Gordon and others.

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    Love to hear Barney play.

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    And when Barney and Herb played together, well, that's about as good as it gets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkRhodes
    And when Barney and Herb played together, well, that's about as good as it gets.

    Fantastic shredding from both there.

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    When Barney played with Herb there was a synergy from their mutual Charlie Christian influence but while I respect his bluesy fluidity, Herb's playing never intrigues me. Barney just had a lot more arrows in his musical quiver. However, when the tempo is pushed, he seems to struggle ever so slightly - more reliance on sweep picking licks. I agree with other posts that I love his guitarist approach to the instrument and his uses of open strings.

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    Love me some Barney K!!