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    Ah time to relax- Chris Flory is getting ready to play live at Mezzrow .


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    Thanks for the notification. I like listening to him.

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    Chris is SO swinging! Old school all the way, knows a million tunes, great cat (we've been TALKING about doing a blues record date---need $ for that, yiz know how THAT goes)...

    The three most swinging less-than-star-status-but-deserving-of-it IMO: Chris, Ed Cherry, Ray Machiarolla. Ray is little known b/c he works at other things, but is a badass. Great time and swing, great feeling, and knows the tunes. Thumb player, BTW. He's recorded with Doug Lawrence (Richard Wyands was on those dates)---and a few others including a guy named Joel Fass. (FWIW the CD, just out, is called Joel Fass and Friends Jam for Eddie Diehl and also has 6 tracks with Sheryl Bailey and the Man himself gets the last word from a gig w/Bill Takas and Bob Dorough, who was sitting in on piano.)

    I hope this well-deserved Chris Flory thread doesn't die a quick death---but from what I've seen too often here...

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    I'm happy to keep it going.

    I've been listening to Chris almost constantly these last few weeks, along with some Tiny Grimes and a little Charlie Christian.

    Only discovered Chris Flory a month or two back - from a YT link on this site, and that's led me to a bunch of his CDs, all of which are a joy to listen to. Just arrived this week is the album of blues he did with Duke Robillard.

    I see he's done a session on the DC Music School,too, but that will have to wait until the £s are replenished in the new year.


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    I couldn't watch the stream because the audio and video were so far out of sync. The video was about a minute behind the audio. So I just listened, with the Mezzrow tab hidden while I did other stuff with the audio streaming. I got the same thing last night, when Grasso was on. I don't know what has happened to the streams, but they're so far out of sync they'e unwatchable for me. It's hard for me to watch Grasso for very long anyway, because of the constant bowed bass solos. I just can't deal with those. But Flory's sets were enjoyable as always, even though I only had the audio.

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    Yeah the sync was bad !!! - I just listened as well!!!! Must say I enjoyed the song choices as usual. I have the DC Music Style of Chris Flory Vol1 and Vol 2 courses and both are great. He is so unassuming and uncomplicated in how he presents things . I like Vol2 the best at the moment as it is very blues focused which is my wheelhouse. Vol1 is more standards focused . That said he plays with such passion over standards that I am sure I can find a way to dig deep into Vol1 as well at some point

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