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    He was the guitarist with Vince Guraldi. Stayed in SF most of his life. RIP 1925-2019


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    yes i heard he passed...great but obscure player...a fave

    guaraldi trio- like a mighty rose

    rip eddie duran


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    Eddie passed on November 22nd. Didn't hear about it until now. I was a fan and saw him once when I was in San Fran.

    One of my favorite records he was on is this one with the Cal Tjader and Stan Gezt sextet. (1958 that was recorded in San Fran).

    Eddie only has two solos on this album but they are good ones that showcased his abilities.
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    ^ yes, that getz-tjader sextet recording was very strong..what a band!

    Stan Getz (tenor sax), Cal Tjader (vibraphone), Vince Guaraldi (piano), Eddie Duran (guitar), Scott LaFaro (bass), Billy Higgins (drums)

    sadly all involved now gone


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    GREAT player!

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    A new name to me. I'm enjoying the videos.

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    Just out of respect for the deceased, don't post anything from his solo guitar album...

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    eddie in '66...sportin the jaguar


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    ps- here's a nice write up on eddie d by our own dutchbopper, from some years ago

    Dutchbopper's Jazz Guitar Blog: Eddie Duran


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    Loved the one album I had of Eddie Duran.

    It was "Ginza", released on Concord, a guitar friendly label if ever there was one.

    I heard a couple of tracks off that album on a late night jazz program in New Zealand in the early 80's.

    In fact my handle on this forum is taken from one track that caught my ear, "Moonray" written by Artie Shaw.
    I still love that tune and found it [Eddie's version] on YouTube some years ago and swiftly grabbed it.

    The album "Ginza" was recorded in '79 so Wikipedia tells me.
    I loved his tone, touch and concept. [He was playing the Gibson non-cut with CC pickup -classic!]
    Here's Moonray:

    It's interesting that this minor, blues tinged tune is in F minor....reminds me a many others.

    He did get some publicity in one fairly full interview in Guitar Player magazine C 1980 where he discussed his career
    and some musical concepts.

    ....I think I have a cutting of that article somewhere.

    RIP Eddie, you had a good long innings [B 1925 - 2019]
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    Quote Originally Posted by sgcim
    He was the guitarist with Vince Guraldi. Stayed in SF most of his life. RIP 1925-2019
    Thanks for that. Loved his playing. The only cats of that caliber (in swinging, knowledge of the tunes, accompaniment skills, etc.) left in their 80s still active that at least I know of are Sonny Troy (AKA Thomas Gagliardi), 82 and; Johnny Quartro (sp?) 90-something. When they and the few left that I don't know of are gone a great chapter will be closed except on recording. No one's giving those 2 guys record dates anyway. They could care less anyway, and are into live work under the radar---and I can dig it.

    Editorial comment: The comparatively scant replies on this board re Mr. Duran IMO speaks volumes about how little too many know here, and what a 'beauty pageant' it is with people 'liking' the most popular current player(s) b/c they think they should or they'll---worse---be spurned by the herd if they don't. Sorry to say, but I say it.

    WAKE UP!! Pat Metheny; Bill Frisell; especially Kurt Rosenwinkel (IMO just phenomenal), etc. have been game changers and I enjoy aspects of their work a lot, but the 'game' was just fine, way more swinging and standard-aware before. Continue to love those cats please, but miss out on the Charlie Christian descendants at your own peril...

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    ^ sonny troy is a big fave of jimmy bruno as well..jimmy was always shoutin' him out on his daily vids!! (which are sorely missed...currently!)